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Centrally located in Ephrata, PA

Benji’s Roofing is your go to source in roofing companies.  Centrally located in Ephrata, PA.  Serving Lancaster, Harrisburg, and York PA

Welcome to Benji’s Roofing, a trusted metal roofing contractor within the Susquehanna Valley.  Our scope also covers areas such as Ephrata, York and Lancaster. For years, Benji’s Roofing has been providing roofing services for many satisfied customers. Since our inception, we’ve used all material types and employed several efficient, yet proper methods of installation. As a result, we’ve grown to the metal roofing company we are today. Because of our knowledge, workmanship, as well as our professionalism, many have and continue to trust us in the long run. At Benji’s, we provide high quality not only with customer service, but also with high quality products. Above all, we’re here to serve you. So give us a call whenever your home needs metal roofing repair or replacement.

metal roofing contactor in ehprata PA

Benji’s Roofing – Your premier Metal Roofing Company

Despite mother nature, metal roofing is efficient and cost effective in the long run. Thus, Benji’s offers metal roofing for many home types. We provide top quality through product for any structure, whether it be business or residential. As a result of our efforts, Benji’s uses top quality, corrugated metal roofs, as well as standing seams, rather than use product with limited warranty.  This unique yet practical design allows efficient water drainage, as well as appears aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Therefore, there are no leaks during rainstorms. Moreover, metal roofing provides better insulation for your home.

Aside from our products, we’re especially concerned with customer service. After all, that is our business. In particular, one focus is cleanliness, which means we’ll clean up when we’re finished. We feel your property is as equally important as your roof. We’re also equally focused on professionalism. We’re committed to complete each job, straightaway. We also keep up to date on building types and materials, no matter what. Furthermore, we’re concerned with your satisfaction, no matter what.

No matter the circumstances, nothing should stand in the way of meeting your approval. That’s why the job is coupled with our 7 year workmanship warranty too. In any event of our repairs and replacements failing, you’re covered. Ultimately, you’ll see for yourself why we’re good at what we do.  Additionally, we have a pallette of colors for you to choose from so you can be sure your home will look great, regardless. In the event you need a new roof or upper exterior work, give us a call today.

Corrugated Metal

Service Areas

  • Lancaster
  • Ephrata
  • Harrisburg
  • York
  • Elizabethtown
  • Middletown
  • Denver
  • Wrightsville
  • Columbia
  • Gap
  • Paradise
  • Willow Street
  • Hellam
  • Millersville
  • Mount Joy
  • Centerville

Standing Seam

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