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Centrally located in Ephrata, PA

  Your go to source in roofing companies.  Centrally located in Ephrata, PA.  Serving Harrisburg, Lancaster, and York PA

 Welcome and Thank you for considering Benji’s Roofing as your roofing contractor. If you have a roof needing some work, whether minor or major, we can help. We started our business with the knowledge to do a good job. Since then, we’ve learned much more so you can have an above and beyond customer experience. Though we’re smaller in contrast, many trust us to see their home’s roofing structure is well maintained. After all, your home needs a strong, protective roofing system, no matter what. So if you’re located in Ephrata, or another nearby location, we’ll do the job.

We’re professional, efficient, and want to see the job done right, despite the circumstances. Above all, customer service is why we’re in business. For this reason, we serve you with our high level of service, together with high quality product. Give us a call today for an estimate, or to schedule.

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Benji’s Roofing – Your premier Rubber Roofing Company

Aside from shingles and metal roofing, which we also provide, rubber is an ideal material for dwelling protection. Our selection of rubber, namely O60 EPDN roofing, provides consistent protection during storms, and other elements. Even though this product is frequently seen on warehouses, residences use it too. Rubber is a common material, however, it will depend on the type of structure. Like other roofing materials, it’s strong and provides coverage.

Rubber is a thicker material that is cost effective in the beginning as well as in the long run. For instance, it’s seamless in construction, insulates your dwelling, and it also has a long lifespan, even after decades of wear. Additionally, it’s 100% recyclable at the end of it’s life, making it a “green” investment.

Regardless of roofing type, Benji’s employs important practices, which are cleanliness, professionalism, and efficiency. First of all, we clean up after our work is done, no matter what. Second, we install your new roof while maintaining a professional attitude, regardless. Lastly, it’s our duty to install efficiently and thoroughly, in order to leave as few mistakes as possible. With this in mind, we’ll show you that we are in business to suit your needs. Call us today for an estimate.

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Service Areas

  • Lancaster
  • Ephrata
  • Harrisburg
  • York
  • Elizabethtown
  • Middletown
  • Denver
  • Wrightsville
  • Columbia
  • Gap
  • Paradise
  • Willow Street
  • Hellam
  • Millersville
  • Mount Joy
  • Centerville
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